AMACCAO was established in 1995, initially as a construction company. Over the past 25 years, AMACCAO has become a reputable and sustainable economic group in Vietnam operating in the following key areas:

  • Investment (Investment in Energy and Environment; Investment in real esate);
  • Manufacture and business: electricity-water equipment, equipment of exactly, consumers goods and services, construction materials;
  • Education & Trainning;
  • Engineering and construction.

It’s no coincidence that AMACCAO has chosen a logo with a circular A on the red background. Simple, memorable but still impressive, the logo contains many meanings that AMACCAO wants to contribute to the community and society. The circle represents the Sun – the center of the universe, always shining. The leaders of AMACCAO are always aiming to spreading good values through the products and services that AMACCAO produces and supplies with European quality.

The circle also shows the perfection and fullness as the greatest wish of the Group leaders is to bring customers the best and ideal products. The smallest details must be perfect and precise to please the most difficult customers. Red is the color of fire and prosperity, expressed enthusiasm and full of energy. Thus, the red colour has been chosen as the symbol background of the circle in AMACCAO’s logo. This is also the main colour of AMACCAO. Leaders of AMACCAO truly desire that all AMACCAO’s staffs are full of enthusiasm, passion and continuous efforts to create the best products for customers. It is evident that over the past 24 years, AMACCAO has always been nonstop working with fair competition, maintaining creativity to provide the community with the highest quality products and the best services, which is always appreciated and recognized by our partners.

The letter A also has a leading meaning, the best. In the letter rankings, A is the first letter that also shows the top rank, the superior and the best rank. At AMACCAO, the purpose is manufacturing the best products and services for consumers, attracting the most qualified human resources. To achieve that goal, AMACCAO always uses the most modern imported machinery and equipment as well as automatic production lines which follow rigorous quality standards and are controlled and consulted by leading and experienced foreign experts.

Letter A is located in the center of the circle, just like the heart of AMACCAO is placed where each staff is working hard day by day and devoted to the development of the Group with the motto “Business’s benefit is your benefit”. This is also the core value that AMACCAO is always aiming for.

One more interesting but less known fact is that the name AMACCAO is derived from the word “maccao” – a term in the construction industry referring to the best hardness and durablity concrete.

The aggregation of cubes in AMACCAO’s logo is just like the combination of heaven and earth – a cosmic harmony that creates a soft, flexible, yet sustainable symbol over time.

The story of aspiration to become a leading economic group in Vietnam was written from the name AMACCAO like that. With the pioneering desire and investment strategy – sustainable development, AMACCAO will strive to become a leading economic group in Vietnam, having prestige and position on economic map of the region and the world.