Happiness of teachers

20 Nov 2018

In special days like this, we spend more time to think about the happiness - the happiness of the teachers, the boatmen who guide the dream boats to find their own berth.

These are the heartfelt, touching, simple but profound sharing of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang, principal of Archimedes Academy when mentioning the special day that dedicated to the quiet and noble teachers.

Archimedes Academy celebrating Vietnamese Teachers' Day - November 20th

On these special days, the courtyard of Archimedes Academy is filled with the colors of the sun, the flowers, the paintings and the deepest gratitude which Arcers sent to their teachers. The small but special and meaningful things that has made the teachers here more believe in and love their students than ever and especially have a strong belief in their career of educating people.

On the courtyard of Archimedes Academy, there are beautiful cards of students sent to teachers in occasion of Vietnamese Teacher's Day.

After 6 years of operation, with the establishment and development of three school including kindergarten - primary school - junior high school, Archimedes Academy has made great steps in the size of school, the number of students and the quality of training. Although Archimedes Academy is young, it has gradually affirmed its position in the education of the capital and received the trust from parents and students.

Recently, the board of the academy has officially signed a contract with AMACCAO GROUP to expand the school size and inter-school system with all three levels for Archimedes Academy in Tien Duong, Dong Anh district,Hanoi.

This is not only the pleasure of the Archimedes Academy education system but also the pride of the AMACCAO GROUP to give this meaningful present to teachers and students during this special month. The international training system has expanded and met the needs of many parents and students today.

Archimedes Academy is a student-centered learning model that respects the differences in personality and development of each student and aims to train a generation of students who actively take over scientific knowledge and are confident with international friends. At the same time, Archimedes Academy fostered profound souls, modern style of 21st century global citizenship.

That is the desire of teachers of the Archimedes Academy, to bring the best to the generation of their students. That is also the greatest happiness of the teachers. As Mrs.Thuy Hang said, the teacher's happiness is simple like this: " Is it as simple as welcoming the radiance of the decent school uniform every early morning. As simple as the sweat on the field at 5 pm. Is it the pride (though it was never told) when watching the steps of the "little chicken" going up to receive the first medal in their life... Happiness is in the school hours and even in the tests. Happiness is in the tears of remorse that I will understand later".

The congratulations from students make the the teachers of Archimedes Academy feel heartwarming

Let's join with AMACCAO GROUP and the Archimedes Academy to spread this happiness to the teachers throughout our lives!  We wish the teachers and people who work in the education sector a very warm and happy 20/11 holiday !