Entrepreneur - Dr. To Nhat, the diligent boatman

20 Nov 2018

Entrepreneur - Dr. To Nhat is not only a good businessman but also a teacher who has left remarkable impression for many generations of students, etc.

Entrepreneur - Dr. To Nhat spoke with inspriration

"Education is the biggest dream of my life!". This is a very emotional saying coming from the passionate heart of a respectable teacher - Dr. To Nhat, lecturer of National Economics University, and also the vice president of AMACCAO group.

Entrepreneur - Dr. To Nhat passionately shared his knowledge, experience and skill

Although Mr.Nhat is very successful as a business man at the moment, he always concern abouts his dream to bring practical knowledge and experience to more people and to help more young entrepreneurs and startup. Currently, Dr. To Nhat is vice president of AMACCAO group ( with 12 members, 12 factories which belong to 4 big industrial clusters located in Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, and Ha Nam), and also the founder of Success Bussiness Vietnam.

The sharing sessions of Mr. To Nhat have attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs, young startups

His greatest achivement is to apply the learned knowledge in running a bussiness, as well as to gain experience during 28 years of "fighting" on the market to share it with everyone through the inside training courses and also in the activities of Success Bussiness. To other people, doing well one job is difficult, however, to Entrepreneur - Dr. To Nhat, he really does well in both of his positions.

Mr. To Nhat also does not forget to train internally in AMACCAO Group

Talking about Mr. To Nhat, Mr. Jonas Danielson, the Canadian sales manager who has stayed in Vietnam for more 5 years, and EuroPIpe Company from Germany said:"Mr. To Nhat understands everyone. He has many knowledge about business and manage profit, finance and especially he knows what everyone wants. He is an amazing person for you to learn from. If you are wondering, thinking and considering something, just start working, fulfill your dream and go with Mr. To Nhat because he will help you to be successful, in the same way that he helped me to be successful and happy to be here".

In occasion of Vietnamese Teacher's Day - November 20th, AMACCAO would like to send the best regard to entrepreneur - Dr. To Nhat. We wish you always keep the fire burning, always be full of energy, passion and desire to contribute to help more people.