AMACCAO trained soft skills for nearly 200 staff and managers

23 Oct 2019

In order to support both staff and managers with essential skills for sustainable development of the Group, Ph.D. To Nhat - Deputy Chairman of AMACCAO GROUP opened a soft skill training course for nearly 200 staff and managers of the Group.

Nearly 200 staff and managers of AMACCAO GROUP took part in soft skill training session.

Mr.Sigmund Freud - Prestige Psychoanalyst from Austria said that: "Human being's characteristics are lazy, afraid of physical work, leading to their neglect towards work". Therefore, "Human beings need to be: awarded, pushed, admonished and punished". This came from the carrot and stick principle in management.

The lesson: How to make a plan effectively

According to the theory, the manager has to frequently give strict control towards their employee in the unpleasant vibe so both the manager and the employee don't have any chance to gain success or creativity,...

The soft skill training program includes lessons about the effective application of management, presentation, planning, and negotiation techniques ,... taught by Ph.D. To Nhat- Deputy Chairman of AMACCAO GROUP, focusing on exploiting maximal values of '' the carrot", turning each employee into his/her own boss, finding his/her passion, interest, responsibility and effort in the work and get it done well.

This is the soft skill training course with lots of lessons including diversity of topics designed by the Deputy Chairman of AMACCAO Group for students from both the Group and outside.

Previously, Ph.D To Nhat opened a training session for almost 100 staff and managers from Amaccao JSC (subsidiary of AMACCAO GROUP) working in Ha Nam industrial zone (located in Kien Khe town, Thanh Liem, Ha Nam).

Students were excited about group excercises.

h.D To Nhat - Deputy Chairman of AMACCAO GROUP shared: "Most of big businesses in Viet Nam and the world care about training qualified human resource. They focus on enhancing not only technical knowledge but also soft skills in order to improve themselves, contributing to their companies'development along with connecting their people to their companies. Those are the main purposes of lessons i have designed for my students in the past period".

As stated, although the soft skill training class for amost 200 staff and managers from AMACCAO lasted nearly 8 hours the students shared that they didn't feel fatigued or bored as the lessons were very vivid, visual and appealing. Besides, the students expressed that dividing small groups to work together like small teams taking part in group activities was really impressive, connecting the students together. After what they had learned, they were more confident to present in public, express their opinions learned from each lesson.

Mrs Hoang Ha - Sales Director of Pile and Pipe Department from AMACCAO GROUP shared: "I was appealed by my Boss'lessons as they were very practical, inspiring me to continuously dedicate and contribute to the Group's development".

After the success of the soft skill training class for almost 200 staff and managers working in the main office of AMACCAO, the Deputy Director will keep opening other training courses for staff and managers in industrial zones and factories. Besides, Ph.D To Nhat is going to open the similar courses for SME after being asked by them.