AMACCAO: "Investment in education is a long-term investment for future"

13 Nov 2018

"Investment in education is a long-term investment for future". Because this investment is decisive factor of the business success in particular and social community in general" Vice Chairman of AMACCAO's BODs.

Recently, AMACCAO GROUP has signed a contract with Archimedes Academy and the system of interdisciplinary training school is officially operated of elementary and junior and high school) of the Group.

As expected in February 2019, the three-level system invested by AMACCAO GROUP will officially enroll students in the nationwide. Currently, there are many registration document for AMACCAO GROUP.

AMACCAO Group's BODs has signed officially a contract with Archimedes Academy

The greatest advantage that the educational model of Archimedes Academy brings is the advanced and scientific education environment, operating on the advanced-quality education model, creating a global cultural environment, updating these changes in academics and research, aiming to the goal of comprehensive education, discovering and fostering of gifted students.

The system of multi-disciplinary schools is located in Tien Duong commune - Dong Anh district - Hanoi city. With the goal of attracting children in Dong Anh district and neighbourhoods of Dong Anh district. Especially to give priority to the children of the staff in the system of AMACCAO units when registering.

As one of the multi-industry economic groups, multi-field, AMACCAO GROUP always attach importance of training and retraining staffs of the Group. Not only talented people, good-skills people but also AMACCAO GROUP's Board of Directors also especially cherish those who are always truthful. Therefore, the AMACCAO GROUP Management Board had staffs training programs and investment in the education field.

TS.To Nhat - Vice Chairman of AMACCAO Group said: "Education is the dream of my whole life"

Vice Chairman of AMACCAO Group - Mr To Nhat is also a teacher, he has always devoted to this field. AMACCAO Vice President said "Investing in education is a long-term investment in our own future, "Profit" is not only the measured number. At here "profit" is the knowledge of the future, contributing to the overall social development.