Amaccao has applied concrete wall panels to M&E rather than traditional bricklaying

28 Oct 2019

In the world, wall panels, floor panels are popularly used, replacing traditional walllaying and floorlaying. Amaccao Group is one of the businesses applying this technology to M&E.

Amaccao has applied concrete wall panels to constructing its project of AVIA alcohol factory (Nguyen Khe - Dong Anh - Ha Noi)

As one of the leading company in manufacturing PC concrete products, Amaccao Group has gradually approached the most advanced technology in the world to keep up with necessary trend of the modern construction industry.

As known, wall panels and floor panels have two types: thick and empty. Based on customers' requirements in terms of texture and selection to for whether thick or empty panels. Technology of wall or floor panels allow normal steel or prestressed steel use. Normally, prestressed steel is used to ....

Panels manufactured by Amaccao for application to the project of Samsung factory in Thai Nguyen

With features such as: lightweight, overtaking big spans, quick and simple construction time, high heat resistance, good waterproofing, high aesthetics, saving concrete materials, combined with using Use high-strength steel should save costs, reduce costs compared to brick construction or compared with placing concrete on site. Especially, for hollow products, with hollow core, very convenient for travel.

Amaccao concrete factory in Van Noi - Dong Anh manufactured floor panels

With the strict manufacturing process, modern equipment system as well as high quality materials selected carefully before being used to produce high quality Amaccao concrete wall panels and floor panels.

Replacing bricklaying with Amaccao wall panels will bring much space for users and much interest for Investors. Currently, Amaccao concrete wall panels and floor panels are used for building constructions like: Samsung factory (Thai Nguyen), Avia Alcohol Factory,...and highly apprecicated by investors.