AMACCAO GROUP congratulated on the Women's Day

21 Oct 2019

On October 19th 2019, the Management Board of AMACCAO GROUP held a warm party to congratulate on the Woman's Day (20/10).

Early morning, AMACCAO's female staff secretly "transported" flowers and gifts to the outdoor deck to prepare for the "Happy Women's Day Party" (20/10).

After receiving the announcement from the Organization Board, almost 200 staff and managers fully attended this cosy party held in the Head Office of the Group. Many women got surprised by the thorough preparation made by men here. They not only prepared glorious baskets of flowers put in the deck with abundance of greenery trees but also tables of food prefered by women. The stage was decorated with abundance of flowers and gifts, making Amaccao's women extremely excited.

Glorious baskets of flowers prepared for women

....and along with mouth-watering food

After introduced by the MC, AMACCAO's men shared their wishes and innermost feelings to women here one by one. A "secret" video named "Strong and Elegant Roses of AMACCAO" secretly made by men at the begining of the month as a surprising gift for women in the Company on this special occasion. Although their wishes with words seemed to be awkward and unprofessional, they are truely and sincerely expressed from the bottom heart with love of men here to older sisters, younger sisters and girlfriends in the Company.

"Women like flowers hanging on tree branches deserve to be loved, respected and cared. However, the harshness of daily live somtimes pushes women in difficulties, concerns and disadvantages. Therefore, except the International Women's Day (March 8), Viet Nam also has an other celebrating day for women which falls on October 20th to honour all women. This is also a meaningful day for men all around the country express their gratitude, sympathy, love to women'' , shared by men from AMACCAO on this special day.

On Women's Day (October 20th) AMACCAO GROUP wished all women working for The Group in particular and Vietnamese women in general happiness, satisfaction, luck and gaining much of love and respect from friends and spouses.

Please watch the video: Strong and Elegant Roses of AMACCAO: