A sunshine day has passed

04 Jul 2019

Sometimes, we tend to insist on keeping every passed special moment in mind to write a complete story. It could be Cua Lo 2019 trip of EUROPIPE'S managers and staff in particular and AMACCAO GROUP'S in general.

Let's look back at the familiar faces, the brightest smiles on our recent trip to Cua Lo to motivate the busy days in the spinning wheel of the always busy factory in plastic pipe factory and plastic pipe fittings EUROPIPE (Green Plastic Europe Limited Company - Member of AMACCAO GROUP).

Anually following the direction from the board of executives , member units in the Group will respectively organise summer holidays for their managers, staff to ensure spiritual and material lives. Besides, each unit member will respectively take their turn to avoid overlap amongst units, ensuring the Group's manufacturing activities running well.

This is the most anticipated activity in the year, when everyone can relax and enjoy with their families, relatives, particularly tightening up the gap between employees and executives.

Let's watch the cherished moments in the 2019 summer vacation with EUROPIPE!