Education & Traning


AEA is founded on the desire to bring European and American civilized values in traditional education activities in Vietnam. AEA is the place to help all local students approach to modern education, even beyond  the space to directly explore these civilized values. Through this, AEA wishes to develop people, develop business and society in Vietnam, assisting individuals achieve success and prosperity with society being more prosperous and happier!


  • Training Management and Leadership skills.
  • Consulting on Studying abroad.
  • Organizing events.

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Starting from the dream of bringing Europe-USA's civilized values into traditional education in Vietnam, AMACCAO has been bidding and in the process of building an international school. With this project, we wish to create an ideal studying environemnt to train and develop our future generations based on the modern and civilized values of the USA and Europe.

  • Location: I-F1 Lot in Northern zone-23B street, Tien Duong Commune, Dong Anh, Ha Noi
  • Total area: 9.740 m2.
  • Currently, The international school has made in bidding, settlement of land usage and on-going construction and investment.