AVIA Joint Stock Company launched Avia-3a product

AVIA JSC just lauchned bottled water products named AVIA-3A with eye catching design and size.

Avia-3a bottled water products are designed in taper shape symbolising Viet Nam countryside – a familiar and close image in people’s hearts. This idea has been nourished with love and passion by the AVIA Management Board and its people in particular and AMACCAO GROUP in general for a long time. Avia – 3A was founded while the manufacturing factory of the company was officially expanded.


AVIA Company synchronously invested in, renovated and upgraded the whole production lines with the high tech machines imported from United States. As stated, the complex containing 5 floors has been invested with modern, advanced production lines including alcohol and water filling lines, a system of bottle blowers, a system of lid blowers.

Avia 3a products are produced for a reasonable price market of lower than the current price of other 500 ml ones, adding more selections for customers. Specifically, the list price of a box of 24 AVIA 3A bottles with 500ml capacity is 75.000 VND lower than that of competiors in the market. The representative of AVIA Company said that although its list price of water botles is cheaper than other competitors, the same quality and production process are still ensured. Therefore, customers can feel secured to select this product.

Representative of AVIA JSC also added that to select the right AVIA 3A products, consumers should carefully check the information of the product, manufacturer printed on every box and package. Besides, customers can source the data by checking barcodes printed on package of products.

“We highly appreciate feedback from our customers, partners about our AVIA products. And we ensure our high quality products to serve the best for all customers. Furthermore, we hope that our customers – partners always use and love our AVIA products” The representative of AVIA Company stressed.



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