AMACCAO PIPE proudly takes the lead in the Northern market

AMACCAO PIPE brand has been engraved in customers’ and partners’ hearts for a long time ever since its establishment.

Established in 2007, AMACCAO owns two factories of manufacturing pipes located in Ha Noi and Ha Nam. For now, those two are known as the Viet Nam number one factories in producing pipes.


Included those two formers, AMACCAO GROUP have 12 production lines of concrete pipes which completely come from German Brands such as Pfeiffer machine, Omag Magnum,… Each production line individually values over 2 millions Euros.

AMACCAO can produce different types of pipes typically round concrete pipes, box culverts following partners’ orders. Concrete pipes can be cast with different diameters from 300-3000mm. For box culverts, they can be cast with diameters up to 4000 – 4500mm, even upto 5000mm if cast in place.

The entire concrete pipes production process from AMACCAO PIPE are completely automatic and mechanical, starting from carving to making steel cages. Therefore, it takes around 3 – 6 minutes to make a steel cage with this method while it takes half a day to make one or two steel cages with traditional methods.


With such automatized technology, AMACCAO GROUP have proudly produced round steel cage products with steel cords uniformly spaced, reinforcing their pressure resistance. Besides, AMACCAO also make use of types of cold rolled steel which are more economical than types of hot rooled steel. Anually, AMACCAO GROUP in general as well as the two concrete pipe factories or other component factories in particular, use lots of marterials of cement, steel, stone, sand.

AMACCAO GROUP have long used completely dry concrete with slump cone of 0 cm, leading to high grades of concretes that are highly appreciated by custormers – partners and been the first choice of developers, contractors,…



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