During the opening ceremony of the new school year 2019-2020, amidst the familiar drumming sound from time to time, interspersed with the cheers of the students of the first course, there are people silently hiding the sparkling water drops. After the corners of his eyes because of happiness, for the infinite happiness when completing his mission.

That is the real feeling expressed by all people either directly or indirectly involved in constructing Archimedes Dong Anh School. This is not only AMACCAO staff’s pride but also engineers’, technicians’, workers’ pride from Viet Nam Construction Investment Development JSC (Vinadic). Because it was they who contributed to constructing such a spacious and modern school under international standards.


Archimedes Dong Anh from outlook

Only over 11 months under construction intensely directed by The Leadership as well as officials, engineers teams’ determination from AMACCAO GROUP; Archimedes Dong Anh was finally completed on time for its first welcome of students. To make sure the training quality as well as criterias set by Archimedes International School System, Archimedes Dong Anh released an extremely strict examination period then ultimately selected over 1000 qualified candidates.


Archimedes Dong Anh’s organization for its entrance examination

AMACCAO GROUP strongly invested in the school to create the environment of an international school with modern classrooms; leisure areas with open design like swimming pool, art room for its students’ comprehensive development.



Creation space for Arcers


…. and students’ works were exhibited everywhere around the school, making everyone amused.

TS To Nhat – AMACCAO Group Vice President could not hide his emotions, said: “Archimedes Dong Anh is really the pride of AMACCAO People and Archimedes School! And this school will also be the pride of the homeland of Dong Anh because it will cultivate good seeds, people who “dare to dream, have the will, be eager to learn and live responsibly. Board of directors from AMACCAO along with Board of directors from Archimedes Academy have strenuously tried their best to help generations of students here become good citizens, responsible citizens and global citizens!Wishing a new academic year of success for all beloved students along with teachers from Dong Anh Archimedes School“.


Dong Anh Archimedes – the start of new academic year.


The joy was clearly displayed on the face of Dr. To Nhat – Vice President, General Director of AMACCAO Group on the opening day of the new school year at Archimedes Dong Anh.

According to the disclosure from AMACCAO Board of Directors, the Group will continue to join Archimedes System to invest in High School in the near future and it is expected that in the first quarter of 2020, it will deploy the procedures and construction so that 2021 will have the second school. into operation. For AMACCAO, investing in education is always an important and meaningful job.



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