In 1995, when Vietnam entered the renovation period and officially joined ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Vietnam construction and Develop Investment CO., JSC (the former name of AMACCAO) was established. Along with Vietnam transformation towards the integration and sustainable development, AMACCAO’s Board of Directors has set up specific strategies and solutions together with non-stop creativity and continuous efforts in order to lead AMACAO boat through hard times and make the company become a reputable and strong diversified corporation.

We are confident in announcing that AMACCAO is one of the reputable enterprises in Vietnam, offering innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions to deliver internationally standardized products that satisfy all customers. These products meet high standards in terms of technical expertise and artistic value while remaining cost-effective, contributing to the country’s overall innovation and development. At AMACCAO, the core values of our brand are always placed at the forefront: QUALITY and REPUTATION.

Since 2020, AMACCAO’s objective has been to contribute to Vietnam’s rapid progress towards the century goals of emission reduction, clean energy, and increased value chains for domestic manufacturing.

AMACCAO recognizes the importance of developing green economic sectors, including wind power, waste-to-energy power, and wastewater treatment. As a result, we have embarked on a series of large-scale wind power projects in the Central region, waste-to-energy projects in Hanoi and various provinces, aiming to address environmental and energy challenges.

Currently, AMACCAO operates 5 industrial clusters and 16 factories located in Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Ha Nam, and Lai Chau, along with 25 member companies. All of our factories are equipped with automated production lines, utilizing machinery and equipment imported entirely and supported by experienced experts from developed countries such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Japan, South Korea, and Belgium, who provide consultancy, support, training, and technology transfer.

With a steadfast commitment to the goal of “Contributing value to make Vietnam and the world increasingly beautiful”. AMACCAO is currently a leading investment, industrial production, and construction corporation in Vietnam, characterized by its fast and sustainable development pace.

The road ahead still holds many challenges, but it also brings significant opportunities for a corporation like AMACCAO, which has nearly 30 years of development history and carries within it the aspiration for success.

“We hope that the development path, despite its challenges and gradual progress, will be sustainable. AMACCAO aims to find solutions that support customers and partners, create employment opportunities, contribute to the national budget, clean the environment, choose domestically produced products to replace imports, and replace outdated industrial products that cause pollution with modern, resource-saving, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient ones. We believe that for the country to progress, it needs strong domestic enterprises, and we aspire for Vietnam to have large corporations like Samsung, Hyundai…”

AMACCAO will continue to remain steadfast in its strategy of building as the foundation, industrial production as the pillar, and green energy investment as the core. We will accelerate our progress towards becoming a leading diversified corporation in Vietnam, expanding our export activities and international collaborations.