A close look of automatic bottled water productine lines

AVIA (a member unit from AMACCAO Group) synchronously invested in the completely new automatic bottled water prodcution lines of AVINAA-3A imported from United States.

Recently, bottled water production lines of AVINAA-3A was officially operated. Water will be processed through the modern technology system from ISRAEL ( Manufactured in United States) with special filtering methods. Besides, AVIA also use the technology that helps keep natural taste of original groundwater, creating sweet taste in water like natural rain water. ONCE YOU TRY IT, YOU’LL NEVER FORGET ( this only happens with AVINAA-3A).

After being taken up from the depth of over 200m, water will be processed though a precise, modern filtering system supervised and inspected closely under international standards.

AVIA-3A bottled water production factory is the only one invested 100% by the Vietnamse owner along with completely automatic equipment imported 100% from United States.

Let take a look at AVINAA-3A water production lines again:



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