Mun market - organized structure market for buyers

09 Apr 2019

Implementing the policy of Hanoi People's Committee to eliminate temporary markets, street markets in the capital, AMACCAO Group has developed a project of renovating, upgrading and building a market system to change the landscape , contributing to create a professionally organized, clean and safe market system.

Mun Market is always crowded with buyers and sellers

At the beginning of this project, in 2014, AMACCAO Group invested in building Mun Market in Kim Chung commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi city with the scale of 1,244 ha with a total investment of up to VND 120 billion. In 2015, Mun market came into operation, replacing almost all temporary markets, street market and to serve the locals in Kim Chung commune but also serving most of those working in the Bac Thang Long industrial park,Noi Bai and neiboring areas.

So far, Mun market (Kim Chung commune, Dong Anh district) has become a bustling shopping area with a variety of essential goods. People and workers around here do not have much time because they have to go to work from morning to night, even overtime til night. After work, they do not have to find out where to shop, just go to the Mun market, people can buy all the necessary everyday items , from food to home applicance, clothes, shoes ...

AMACCAO Group in general and Mun Market Management Board (MB) in particular always want to build a standard market model, well managed market, market for sellers and consumers. Here, sellers and buyers comply with strict regulations of the Market Management Board, ensuring order and security, no theft, pocketlifting,ensuring fire and explosion safety , food safety and hygiene, etc. In which, AMACCAO always makes sure all sellers to offer the best products at the best prices. The sellers always smiles friendly, sincerely supporting customers. The market strictly prohibits acts of burning something to drive away bad luck, cursing customers....

Thanks to this well maintained Mun market with the management of AMACCAO, both sellers and buyers are happy. This is a great momentum for the Mun market to become a model in Hanoi.

Mun Market Management Board will public prices of goods to serve customers