Credibility: The key to success

22 Mar 2019

We never compromise our prestige because we understand: Credibility creates sustainable success.

Started as a construction contractor in 1995, AMACCAO GROUP has created a diversified portfolio and its market positioning. Despite myriad of hardship , AMACCAO Group has created the most different values to be successful and develop with sustainability. According to the representative of the AMACCAO Group: "We never compromise our prestige because we understand that credibility creates sustainable success. because we understand the faith to create sustainable success, and that is how we build such an AMACCAO GROUP with 12 factories and 16 member units ”.

AMACCAO's Board of Directors to welcome the delegations at the Group's headquarters

Over the past 2 decades, AMACCAO GROUP has expand our manpower from a team of several people to more than 2000 people, including experts from Canada, Germany, China ... always working professionally and preserving our prestige. This core staff is the elite, the key holder of the Group's success. Also from here, the interference between Vietnamese and foreign experts also created distinctive values for AMACCAO GROUP, including "credibility".

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AMACCAO invited foreign experts to work directly at factories to improve quality, build prestige.

"We have to be premier, we have to be different with the modernized factories equipped with imported production line" - Mr. To Nhat - Vice Chairman of the Board cum General Director of the Group AMACCAO said.

AMACCAO GROUP welcomed numerous international delegation

To AMACCAO, learning the top enterprises in the world is the first priority to build "credibility". It is widely known that Japanese companies are always trusted by customers because of their professionality, accountability and well-known for keeping the word . That characteristic is formed, educated from childhood, trained over time. Therefore, it is not just temporary but created "Japanese style". This is also how the AMACCAO GROUP trains and fosters its employees to build credibility in the heart of customers - partners.

Visitor are always welcomed at AMACCAO's factories

AMACCAO GROUP will always be persistent to achieve each goal for sustainable development, not only of the Group but also of a better society. AMACCAO has always been passionate and strived to conquer dreams to make society more prosperous.