AMACCAO to have cooperation in producing Japanese alcohol and Food

10 Apr 2019

On 10 April 2019, AVIA JSC (Member of AMACCAO Group) held a signing ceremony of comprehensive cooperation with representatives of the Japanese Association of Alcohol and Food on producing alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages in Vietnam.

After quality time of negotiation, AVIA JSC and the leading experts of Japanese Alcohol and Food Association - Mr. Naoya Mano came to agreement on the cooperation between the two sides in the production and transfer of Japanese Wine and Food technology in Vietnam. Accordingly, Mr. Naoya Mano will work directly at AVIA Factory located in Nguyen Khe Industrial Complex.

AVIA and Japan's leading expert to officially sign for a long-term cooperation

The signing ceremony between AVIA and Mr. Naoya Mano was witnessed by the Board of Directors of AMACCAO and Chairman of the Japanese Alcohol and Food Association TOSHIYUKI AKASHI.

Mr. To Nhat - General Director of AMACCAO Group

The chairman of the Japanese Alcohol and Food AssociationTOSHIYUKI AKASHI highly appreciated and believed in the cooperation between AVIA and the Association

This is an important milestone, marking the new development of AVIA in approaching the world's leading wine production technology as well as the development of new product commensurate with the growing scale of AVIA and AMACCAO Group in general. It is only 1 month before AVIA factory will complete the production complex and display products in Nguyen Khe industrial cluster (Dong Anh - Hanoi).

The panorama of signing ceremony

This is an extensive cooperation between AVIA and Japan's leading expert on Alcohol and Food to make the best use of each party's strength, in which the strength of the Association is the advanced technology and especially experience in the development of traditional alcohol products for their home country. It will also be the development target of AVIA JSC, adapting the world's most advanced wine, food production technology to create new Vietnamese delicacy.

AVIA to invest in modern alcohol steel still system

AVIA's strength is over 10 years of experience developing AVINAA brand-name alcohol and drinking water ensured credibility for food hygiene and safety. Besides, AVIA has a team of leading experts who works with trong sense of responsibility and dedication.

Mr. Naoya Mano to appreciate AVIA's experience in the development of alcohol and drinking water products

During his time working in Vietnam, Mr. Naoya Mano will be together with AVIA's technical staff to install the equipments to produce Japanese traditional beverage and clean foods that the whole world must admire. The leading Japanese experts will monitor the entire production process from the selection of raw materials to finished products, ensuring the success of a famous Japanese wine production as well as other products that the association transfers to Avia

The signing ceremony took place successfully in a happy and friendly atmosphere between AVIA and the leading expert of Japanese Alcohol and Food Association.

Some photos at the signing ceremony: