AMACCAO HA NAM to successfully organize the 1st Customer Conference of 2019

19 Apr 2019

On April 18th, 2019, on the occasion of celebrating 3 years in the market and the milestone of 5,000,000 meters of pile, AMACCAO Joint Stock Company held the 1st Customer Conference at AMACCAO Ha Nam Concrete Factory.

The first Customer Conference organized by AMACCAO Joint Stock Company (member of AMACCAO Group) was at the beginning of the summer, therefore it was burning hot. However, regardless of the distance and hot weather, all close customers of AMACCAO came to the AMACCAO Concrete Factory in Kien Khe town, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province.

The panaroma of the 1st conference

Mr. To Nhat - Vice Chairman of the Board cum General Director of AMACCAO GROUP thanked all the close customers who have been with AMACCAO GROUP in general and AMACCAO JSC in particular. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. To Nhat affirmed: "AMACCAO is among the top brands in the field of manufacturing construction materials - consumer goods. Over the past 2 decades, AMACCAO has been striving to satisfy our customers and partners, who are always trusting and choosing our products and services.

Today stable positions on the market of AVINAA alcohol, concrete pipe - pile - AMACCAO concrete components, EUROPIPE plastic pipes, VONTA Led & Electrical equipment significantly thanks to rom the companion of customers. . Particularly, AMACCAO concrete pile, although it has just been in the market for 3 years, the production capacity of AMACCAO Joint Stock Company is in the top 3 in the North. We will continue to serve you as your most reliable companions".

Mr. To Nhat - Vice Chairman of the Board, General Director of AMACCAO GROUP to express his gratitude to customers - partners

It is known that in 2011, AMACCAO Joint Stock Company was established under the guidelines of the Board of Directors of AMACCAO Group to further develop the field of construction materials production. Since then, this activity has become one of the "four pillars" of AMACCAO GROUP. After 8 years, from 1 factory producing concrete pipe to a Ha Nam industrial cluster with many factories producing pipe, piles, precast concrete components, concrete bricks with a total area of ​​19 ha. Particularly, founded only 3 years ago but AMACCAO concrete pile reached the milestone of 5,000,000 meters of pile and listed in with the top 3 in term of production capacity in the North chosen and trusted by customers and partner. "We still remember the day when AMACCAO first pile products were pressed on the construction site, everyone was nervous and emotional. Everyone felt happy when their" spiritual child " was so well received. We look forward to retaining our long-term cooperation ”- Mr. Pham Van Nghi - Vice Chairman of AMACCAO Joint Stock Company spoke at the Conference.

Mr. Pham Van Nghi - Vice Chairman of AMACCAO Joint Stock Company could not hide his emotion when recalling the early days of building the pile factory.

Talking about the target and the upcoming plan, he added: "AMACCAO aims to produce substitutes for imported products in Vietnam, to export products abroad. In the face of increasing challenge in the piles market in particular and the construction material market in general, AMACCAO will invest extensively in machinery lines and improve staff's skills to contribute to the society development. Besides, AMACCAO also wishes to have companion of the customers and suppliers in achieving the goal of creating competitiveness.

Customers - partners visited the pile factory and the other factories in Ha Nam industrial cluster

Representing all partners - customers presenting at the event, Mr. Nguyen Dang Tao - Vice Chairman of Northern Pile Association affirmed: “Cooperating with AMACAO from the early days, participating in many big projects, I look forward to a long-term cooperation with the Group in general and AMACCAO JSC in particular, especially in the field of manufacturing and construction of piles for civil engineering projects. We always believe and hope to work with AMACCAO to create good values, together to develop sustainably".

Mr. Nguyen Dang Tao_ Vice Chairman of Northern Pile Association

After the sharing of AMACCAO leadership and the customers, guests visited the factories This is the special and different thing of the customer conference organized by AMACCAO. Although it was quite sunny and hot outside, but all the guests were happy and excited to see the production line of finhished products. And AMACCAO desires to build trust for our customers and partners with the most practical values, not cliché.

The guest excitedly visited the factories despite hot weather

The staff of the factory staff is pleased to welcome customers to the conference

The conference_ time to exchange information​​​​​​​

Circular spun pile factory

Amaccao Group to train new employees